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How You Can Help

Ways You Can Contribute

For those who live within the homeless condition hope can be found in a good meal; a safe shelter; a steady job which pays a living wage; and a smile to reaffirm the humanity of a person when circumstances seem to have stripped it away.


Goods and services to support the shelter are in high demand. Guests can make requests for items that will, if items are available, filled by staff within 48 hours. If the items are not available a general alert will go out to our donors asking for these items and long term unfulfilled items will go on the current needs list.  View our current immediate needs list (PDF)

Financial contributions are necessary for the shelter’s continued operations. To keep the shelter’s doors open your financial support is vital. Contributions can be mailed to PADS of Elgin, Inc., 1730 Berkley St, Elgin, IL 60123 or donated directly online through our easy payment page.

Join the Meal Donor Team to ensure a nourishing meal for the men, women and children in shelter is provided. Food can be delivered to site and has to be able to feed up to 45 people. Interested? Please fill out our Meal Donor Application (PDF) and mail to our office or email or our office manager Penny at .


You can impact and support guests by volunteering to help within the shelter. Daily help is needed to check in guests, distribute pads and blankets; and serve coffee and snacks.

Each year PADS hosts several fundraising events to support its operations. A variety of skills are needed to plan and organize each event, maximizing the fundraising potential.

For more information about how you can help, contact the office at 847-608-9744. You can also download the PADS Volunteer Application today. Once complete please scan and email to our volunteer coordinator Jill Sbarboro, at or send to the PADS office. Please allow seven days to hear a response from Jill as she has limited office hours.

Court Compelled Community Service

PADS of Elgin Court Compelled Community Service Program is for those individuals who must serve mandated court compelled service hours as ordered by a judge. All individuals with court mandated community service hours must be at least 16 years old. The Court Compelled Community Service Program is separate from PADS Volunteer Program. Do NOT fill out a PADS volunteer form. Please fill out our Court Compelled CS Intake Form. A number of adult court-mandated community service hour offenses may be completed by serving hours at PADS. All individuals with court-mandated community service hours must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Call 847-608-9744 ext. 109 and leave a message or email ( to discuss the possibility of serving their hours at PADS shelter.  Please tell us how many hours need to be served and by when. Please do not call us if you are looking to fulfill all hours in less than a two week period.
  • Must complete a PADS Court Compelled Community Service Intake Form
  • Pass a basic background check. Please note we do not accept those with violent criminal or sexual assault history.
  • The decision to accept someone into the court compelled community service program will be at the discretion on a case by case basis by staff of the PADS shelter.

Questions? PADS.Court Compelled Community Service Program info sheet (PDF)

PADS of Elgin Court Community Service Intake Form (PDF)


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